Thursday, March 10, 2011

Charles Nenner Predicts Economic Collapse Following "Major War" at the End of 2012

The first story I'll be analyzing in a series of short analyses of headlines, news clips, articles, events, music, etc etc blah blah, comes from Infowars (of course,  how predictable.), who picked up and reported on an MSNBC interview with a guy called Charles Nenner. I had never heard of the guy until this popped up on the news feed, but he runs a financial markets research firm called the Charles Nenner Research Center. He makes his rounds on various mainstream outlets and has garnered praise from various financial blogs and other media sources. 'Dude was even an analyst for Goldman Sachs at one point. So this is coming from an insider...

Nenner has been fairly accurate over the years, and is making some startling claims (old news or unsurprising for those in the know) as of late. His latest Celente-esque prediction has the market all but self destructing after a major war occurs at the end of 2012. The guys also, conveniently enough, is somewhat of an authority on war and peace cycles. ("experts" be damned, but this guy (along with other economic forecasters) tend not to have vested corporate, government, bankster, interests lining their pockets. At least, not this brand of forecaster). 

All but advising his clients to vacate the market, he says that the dow will drop under 5000 after reaching a peak of 13000. “I told my clients and pension funds and big firms and hedge funds to almost go out of the market, almost totally out of the market" 

The purveyors of propaganda at the "only network" neglect to follow up on his claims. "Wow" is all these "journalists" could come up with. Are you fucked man? Can you strip yourself of the fucking costume and exert HUMAN EMOTION after hearing such a startling assessment from a guy who predicted the housing market collapse two years before Lehman Brothers went for broke? But that's the mainstream media for ya. Corrupt to the core. 

But how can all of this lay ahead when we're in economic recovery, watchers of msnbc might ask? Well, the fact is, we're not. The current market influx is caused by the fed's quantitative easing, which potentially casts the death spell on the limping American economy. This "thing" is like a giant inflatable tyrannosaurus with one too many patches. All that's needed is the right pin to pop this bubble forever. So, given the current situation in the middle east which sets the stage for oil prices to skyrocket, western intervention, and further widespread chaos, it looks like we're in for something massive. On a further note, the largest bond fund in the WORLD has dropped all of their U.S Treasury bonds. That's huge. Countless other firms, governments, international organizations, etc, have called for a dumping of the U.S dollar as the world's reserve currency for years now. But now more than ever, they're actually acting on their claims. 

Instituting fiat currency was quite possibly the greatest crime committed against human freedom in modern memory. When the American empire follows in the footsteps of it's predecessors, we must be mindful of what we allow to take it's place. Because if there's a "major war" coming for us in 2012-2013, it's likely to result, or the opportunity will present itself, for humanity to begin anew. The controllers of the slave ship want order out of chaos. So let's spoil their party and take matters into our own hands. We don't need their replacement currency. We don't need their global governance to provide security for the problems these manipulators have created. And we sure as shit don't need them to... Fuck, we don't need them at all! Trust in yourself and know that the system, civilization, the new world order, globalization, or whatever else you want to call it, is a travesty and an insult to humanity. Tough times might lay ahead, but if we get creative and build strong communities, we can turn our backs on the IMF, the U.S Treasury, the WTO, the World Bank, the UN, the Bank of Canada, and all of these other corporate banking acronyms. It's truly a WTF moment when you find out what they've done and what they've got planned, and they need to STFU and GTFO. 


Tolerance is an excessively loaded term, filled with half-truths and fallacious implications that stifle the human capacity for empathy. In it's modern usage, the term implies acceptance and understanding. "We must tolerate the beliefs and practices of those around us. Our multicultural policy enforces this." But given the track record of civilization, historical certainty causes the opened mind to question the validity of such a term. When media darlings and political manipulators and corporate whores use it, an eerie connotation always hits me hard and reveals a deeper meaning beyond the PC surface bullshit. Look beyond the costume adorned by these fucks, a costume worn to convey trustworthiness and sexiness. Spoken from corruption's fuck nest (CNN, the white house, parliament, wherever), controlled speech and PC banter always contains dual meaning, that is transferred into the minds of ignorant fools running blindly from miserable place to miserable place. Tolerance, in this case, the hidden ("True") meaning, means that corporate dominance, bankster manipulation, societal normality, or whatever the dominating force may be, must tolerate the existence of whichever minority or ideology as long as something can be gained from said toleration. There will come a day, as there always does, when dominant social memes must attempt to eradicate the revolutionaries, the philosophers, the niggers, the terrorists, the union workers, the indigenous, and the others who chose not to conform. These groups mustn't prevent civilized normality from prevailing and becoming the beacon of human evolution and accomplishment. So we must tolerate these beings, as long as they conform, while their defiant counterparts are blotted out of the "Cultural Mosaic" (another bogus statist creation. A psyop), which more accurately represents a brick wall with sporadic blotches of bloodstained sections. Just ask the Panthers, WeAreChange, the indigenous of North America, the Khoi Khoi, or any revolutionary (that term can be applied differently to each mentioned group, which is a very short, incomplete list) groups of individuals that was dealt with and are being dealt with differently, but with the same endgame in mind...
What will be tolerated (consumed) by Them when their is nothing left for them to consume. They will turn on themselves, and devour themselves for the very same reasons that they devoured the other humans unfortunate enough to defy them.

Sooo I'd like do make a little change to the overall premise of the blog

As my life has unfolded over the past few months, priorities changed, as they always seem to. So, opposed to the regular postings that had no real theme being the main body of the blog, a purpose needs to take shape. And no, I'm not some fuckin utilitarian robot who seeks to find purpose in everything, and then wipes out millions of indigenous across the globe since they don't have a purpose within the dominant civilization. Or destroys the rainforest because dollars and resources are vastly more important than the ecological well being of the planet. Those bastards deserve to be trapped in the mindset that they are in. They deserve nothing less. And free humanity will always oppose their actions. So, keeping this post short, I'll say that roughly 5 or 6 stories or articles or headlines or whatever the hell I find to be interesting at the time, will be chosen and broken down from a young man's perspective. Perhaps it's a perspective that needs some guidance, but I know who I am and can understand the sad sad situation that I'm sure many more people who are exposed to a lot of this information are in. So that's that.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Words I never said.

Wow. I've been a fan of Lupe's for a while now, but lost a lot of interest in rap recently. But WOW. Watch this video and you'll see why I'm pretty fucking ecstatic right now. Lupe's lyrics have always been conscious. But in this track, he's bringing a lot of attention to some massively important issues. His verse regarding building seven made my jaw drop instantly. This is going to be an insanely controversial record that is sure to stir the pot. Hopefully the shit boils over and brings a whole lot more attention to these issues.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Recently, Eric Dubay over at has recently started a very similar project to what aMuseMe represents. A completely user generated independent media consortium, where anyone with a knack for art, journalism, film, or creativity can have their work broadcast across the interwebs. They can describe much better than I ever could, so here's what they have to say about the project:

Hello, this is Eric Dubay from andEric's Esoterics introducing, a new venture my friends and I have undertaken in the spirit of free speech and independent thought.  Thanks to a generous contribution I was given this domain and would like to make the best use of it possible.  In the interest of giving a louder voice to the masses of independent writers, researchers, musicians, artists, and filmmakers out there, is here to publish and help promote your original articles, artwork, music and videos to a wider internet audience.

I have been creating blogs and websites for half my life and have found scores of effective ways to promote and drive traffic via social networking, search engines, blog catalogs etc. and would like to use that knowledge to help promote you!  All original writing, art, music, or film of any type/topic that you would like to share with the internet at large, is here to help build you a bigger soapbox.  Even if your original media is already posted elsewhere on the web (i.e. your blog, website, video channel etc.) send it to and we will help spread your work to a much broader audience of other independent artists and free thinkers. and together we will build an archive of truly free and independent media as well as a community of like-minded writers and artists.  Peace.

Check out

The Case for ReWilding- A Love Police Special

Such an amazing little film that charlie of the love police put together. Definitely some moving, and thought provoking, shit. The inclusion of some chillin dubstep in his videos continues to delight me :) Enjoy.