Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This concept hasn't really fostered much over the past half year or so. Starting something for the community, for my friends, and for myself, hasn't been an easy task. My first blog went up about six months ago. Seriously lacking in content that wasn't for personal use, very little developed. There was no flow and nothing seemed to get the ball rolling. And as much as I desired to spread some knowledge, open some minds, blah blah blah, the idea of yet another blog parroting the same information that can be found at thousands of other sources never really appealed to anything creative within myself. That idea died a slow and uneventful death. Maybe it's all this conceptualization that is the problem. Why in hell should we have to feel compelled to do all of these things, without consciously understanding why they are necessary. We don't need to birth a vessel for widespread social change or seek to compel today's disenfranchised to support anything other than discovering themselves. Granted, we've got our opinions and beliefs and that shit's going to shine through. Fuck the corporate slave-drivers with their machine minds and well regulated-illusory-soul crushing system.  Fuck everyone who says that you aren't perfect in all of your imperfection.  There's nothing more hopeless than getting lost in a self perpetuated web of fear. So how about we focus on what matters :) Everyone I've opened up to about this idea has been so fucking positive. Getting the homies involved is  going to be incredible. Step one complete! Watching ideas flounder through good conversation and the consequent abundance of content and good times that will follow. We do this shit already, so there's no reason why we can't spread some good ideas and some positive vibes in the process. I have no clue what's going to come out of any of this. We'll see after some conversation with the bros. Sorry if any of this feel pretentious! But no one is going to read this so there's no one can take offence HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

Monday, December 27, 2010

What the fuck?

How often do you ask yourself that question? Pretty often, I'd expect. So, what the fuck is aMuseMe? Here's what the fuck we're about: Providing the community with an accessible source of independent media, reminding you to think for yourself, and smashing the preconceived stereotypes that serve to divide us and provide a wholly open outlet for free information, media, and ideas. This is an idea that I've been exploring for a long time, and never new the proper way to put it into action. Might as well keep things simple. So we'll write about what we love, what we think everyone should be aware of, and anything else we find interesting. But wait! You have something on your mind that no one seems to appreciate, or you can't fucking stand our message, or want to spread some love, send us your musings, and we'll post it. Pretty simple. Doesn't matter what it's about, you will have your message heard on this stage! Prepare for some righteous debate, heavyyyy bass music, and a big FUCK YOU to corporate/government interests! Let's kick this bitch off!